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Places to Visit
Whilst staying in one of the wonderful vacation homes we are sure that you will wish to take advantage of the wide variety of experiences that Orlando has to offer. We hope that you find the links below to the many Major Theme Parks, Alternative Attractions, Shopping Malls and Dinner Shows useful.

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Reasons for choosing a Rental Home

Choosing a vacation home rental should be a straightforward process as long as certain considerations are adhered to. Booking well in advance avoids stress, although some people book last minute discounts to stick within a tight budget. Rentals are booked through a vacation rental company or by finding a property in a classified advertisement. Booking privately is usually the less expensive option but a specialist company brings the benefit of its expertise and feels more secure.

Read the booking arrangements carefully with particular regard to financial aspects, such as when to pay the deposit. Is there any liability if something is broken? There should be a cancellation policy and travel insurance may or may not cover this. Check that there are no extra costs in the small print, such as charging for a cot.

Vacation home rentals come in all shapes and sizes and the first thing to do is to decide on a location. This will determine the type of accommodation and whether it`s a downtown apartment, a beachfront condo, a ski cabin or a lakeside villa. Many rental companies specialize in beach vacations or ski vacations. Compare websites and look for customer reviews and clear descriptions of the amenities, preferably with accompanying photographs or videos. There should be something to suit most budgets and preferences.

Decide on priorities and what fits into the family lifestyle. There are ways to save money, such as choosing a property that`s close to the beach or the ski slopes to avoid transportation costs. The proximity of restaurants, shops and attractions will also influence the decision. Eating in for all or most of the time is more economical and also suits families with young children. Most vacation rentals come with fully equipped kitchens and families enjoy the freedom that this brings.

Check on the amenities of the rental to ensure each family member will be happy. Many resorts have private pools and some larger ones may have sporting facilities, such as a tennis or volleyball court. If the home has a DVD player, there may also be a stock of DVDs provided. Sometimes, guests have access to board games or toys. If it`s important to stay in contact with work, find out if there is a good internet connection.

Summer and winter vacations require specific needs. The summertime rental should have air conditioning or ceiling fans at the very least. Window screens will protect from sun glare and keep out any bugs. It`s important that ski accommodation comes with an efficient washer and dryer. A drying room is useful too to dry out damp ski clothes after a day on the slopes.

Planning ahead is the best way to get the most out of the vacation rental. Not everything will be on the doorstep and hiring a car is convenient and affordable. It`s a more flexible solution than relying on public transport. When considering the range of cheap car hire Orlando airport on offer, you may be able to get a good deal, try these's



To save time when on the vacation, ask questions about the area and what it has to offer. There may be a local food store but a supermarket further out may be cheaper. Find out about the area`s take out outlets, children friendly attractions and medical facilities. Families want to pursue their interests on vacation and there may be facilities close by for horseback riding, boating, bird watching, mountain biking and so on. Booking the right vacation rental is the first step to a terrific break.

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